The Attraction of The Basket Bali, The Center for Souvenirs in Bali

Not only has beach tourism destinations and natural nuances that soothe your eyes, Bali is also a warehouse for souvenirs when you are on vacation there. The Basket Bali is the center for souvenirs, where you can find various souvenirs in this area.

The building, which is designed in the form of a woven basket with a brown color, provides various types of souvenirs and original crafts from Bali. So what are the interesting things that can be found in it, here is the explanation.

5 Attractions of The Basket Bali

When visiting The Basket Bali, all visitors will find a lot of fun attractions in it. Here are some of the attractions of this tourist location.

Various Balinese Souvenirs
Judging from its name, this place is the center of souvenirs for tourists who come to Bali. All kinds of souvenirs, including food, spa products, crafts, various crafts and paintings, can be purchased there. Balinese T-shirts and Balinese Kebaya can also be interesting souvenirs to bring home.

Sky Village Tour
Kampung Langit is one of the interesting places in this location. Where in this tourist area, tourists can see the indoor sky park, namely the dioramas of Bali Island above the height. So this location is very suitable as an important education in learning all parts of the island of Bali.

Photo Spot
Instagramables will certainly be spoiled while in this location. Given the many interesting photo spots to be used as a background for taking pictures with family and partners. All corners of the building are designed modernly so they are suitable for taking pictures.

For those who want to be pampered, this location has a spa center. Where tourists will find it easier to get rid of fatigue after a vacation in Bali. There are scrubs, massages and Balinese therapy and will make you fresh again after spending a holiday there.

There are various restaurants to choose from and a complete culinary tour of Balinese cuisine. Various kinds of typical drinks can also be enjoyed while chatting with family.
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