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Year 2022 – One ATV is an ATV ride with 1 ATV motorcycle and one rider. In this package, friends can really experience a real adventure. Really suitable for those who want to get complete satisfaction from using ATV to discovery. Of course, it is more convenient to drive alone. Get a more fun experience driving alone. You don’t have to think about the riders behind you as you overcome all the obstacles on an ATV tour in Ubud. Then as an ATV Tandem activity in ATV Bali ride one ATV motorcycle with 2 participants.

If one is the driver and the other is the passenger. It is usually taken with children. However, some are young couples or adults who feel less confident riding a Bali ATV alone. But this pack is not monotonous with similar riders. Riders and passengers can alternate between using the ATV and spinning behind the trailer. That’s why everyone has a chance to be the rider in this Ubud Bali ATV obstacle course.

Please feel that this wonderful experience is not to be missed. Here are 5 cheap ATV spots to try on your Bali vacation to make your vacation schedule even better than beach trips. Bali offers many tourist attractions that you must visit. One of these natural tourism activities, Bali ATV Ride tours. Check out our recommended list of ATVs including

Balaji ATV Adventure
Next up is Balaji ATV Adventure, one of the most popular cheap ATV spots in Bali. Located in Puhu Village, Payangan Ubud. Just about 30 minutes away from the center of Ubud. This is one of the longest and best places to play ATV Bali in Bali. Located in a secluded area in the north of Bali, Ubud offers an incredible experience riding an ATV on long and difficult trails in all terrains. Discover an amazing experience through rice fields, forests, rivers and natural Balinese villages that are not monotonous. Onward through mud puddles and beautiful green mountain views. Although Balaji Adventure Bali is the longest route, it is completely safe and suitable for beginners and professionals.
Balaji ATV Adventure Prices for Domestic
Single Bali ATVs: 350,000/Person
Tandem Bali ATVs: 600,000/Two People

Kuber Bali Adventure
Next is a very popular adventure, so the most popular adventure in Kuber Bali. Although the price is higher, it still belongs to the category of cheap ATVs in Bali. Tourists will be more impressed and satisfied when they play ATV under Bali’s longest natural waterfall and tunnel. And only available at Kuber Bali ATV. Participants will feel comfortable here in the northern part of Ubud, about 15 minutes from the lobby in the middle of the rice fields. Thanks to the restaurant built in the middle of the rice fields, participants can enjoy lunch at ATV Bali after playing Kuber Adventure. This ATV playground has a wide and rustic Irish road. Further down the valley towards the forest and plantations. You have to be prepared for obstacles that go down and up and down the river to find a waterfall in the middle of the forest. Participants usually stop to feel the natural waterfall they pass during this study. In addition, you will be taken to a tunnel about 300-
00 meters long to play ATV. Generally, participants spend 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours on this ATV tour in Ubud with Kuber Bali ATV.
Kuber Bali ATV
Single ATV:
Tandem ATV: 750,000/person

Bali Beach ATV
If you want to enjoy ATV activities on the beach in Bali, you can place on one of the beaches in Tabana Regency. Bali. This beach offers soft black sand and an environment away from the crowds. The game track of ATV is quite long. It takes about 2 hours from the starting point to the end. You will be accompanied by an experienced guide on the ATV Beach route. In addition, you get safety gear like helmets and boots.
Domestic ATV Beach Prices
Single ATV Tour:
500,000 / Person
Tandem ATV Tour: 750,000 / Two People

Jambe ATV Adventure
This is a cheap ATV supplier in Bali that is newly classified. Although they are new, they already have experience with previous ATVs. Because they saw and wanted to offer tourists an exciting experience, Jambe ATV Adventure was created. The dedicated ATV trail is almost like Kuber Bali Adventure. But it is definitely not the same, because the main ATVs are located in different places. Located at Jl. Pura Dalem Tegal Tamu, Batubulan, Kec. Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali. About 30 minutes from Denpasar area. ATV riding in local villages and interacting with local people. Then along the river to find waterfalls and ditches, rice paddies and mud. After that, cross the stone in the middle and go into the tunnel. You can get all this for cheap at Jambe ATV Adventure, because it’s still valid. Apart from the excellent track, the facilities offered are also quite perfect.

Jambe ATV Adventure Prices for domestic
single ATV ride: 300,000/person
Tandem ATV ride: 550,000/two people
Green Bali Adventure
Located on the Ubud route to Ubud, exactly 35 minutes to Ubud. This ATV provider is quite close when you leave Denpasar. Green Bali ATV Ubud or better known as Green Bali Adventure offers a challenging route. I think it is the best on the road, although it is one of the cheapest ATVs in Bali. Their roads are like rice paddies overlooking the countryside. Then there is a small river with green cliffs on both sides. Goa with waterfall and dragon head. This waterfall and cave was created to offer a different experience to the participants who want to have a different experience with ATV Bali. Attendees usually stop to take Instagram photos with this dragon head waterfall and cave in the background. Green Bali Adventure has many places that offer beautiful photo spots.
Bali Green ATV Ubud Domestic Prices Only
Single ATV Ride: 250,000/in
Tandem ATV Tour:
00,000/two people

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